Fdrill Advantages

Fdrill Friction Drilling & accessories - the cost saving alternative to welded, rivet nuts and other types of attachments.

Economic Benefits

Ø Chipless forming process: no connecting elements needed

Ø A single operation for the manufacture of eyelets

Ø Process can be automated

Ø A column drill is sufficient: no additional equipment costs

Ø Minimum setup times

Benefits in practice

Ø High precision and reproducibility

Ø Less material and lower weight due to the use of thin profiles

Ø Counterpieces (e.g. punches / dies, etc.) are not required, thus even profiles
with difficult to access interiors can be processed

Ø Increase in the drawing forces of threads (thread forming)

Ø Tightness of the clearance holes

Ø Only one basic material, thus avoidance of electrochemical corrosion

Ø High load capacity of bearing bushes

Ø Material hardening

Ecological Benefits

Ø High-strength connections can be produced using the centerdrill process without additional materials. The basic material remains unalloyed and easy to recycle! Chip removal is not necessary.

Ø Fdrill connections are detachable and offer significant advantages for subsequent dismantling compared to other processes.

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