Working Life - Influential factors

Working Life - Influential factors
1.Fdrills are made of specially developed carbide. This will maintain
its strength at high temperatures but is sensitive to thermal stress. Local cooling should be avoided.

Fdrills cannot withstand high mechanical shock. They should not be
dropped and hard impact onto the surface of the workpiece, as well as
welded spots should be avoided.

Avoid radial forces on the Fdrill

Torsional stability of the Fdrill is important. Too rapid release of
torsional load caused by fast break through (very high feed rate) can cause fatigue.

A similar condition can occur due to wind up if start pressure is too great.

6.DO NOT DRILL an unfinished hole, risking taper lock due to shrink-age.

7.Instability due to wear in machine spindle or collet can allow the Fdrill to wander. Stress caused by misalign-ment can break the Fdrill.

Finish -quality- in the Fdrilled hole will deteriorate when the Fdrill becomes worn.

Regular lubrication will increase life of Fdrill. Use Fdks for lubrication of the FD every 1-5 holes on the hot rotating FD.

Fdrill temperature should not exceed dark red colour.

Speed and axial force should be adjusted optimally under observation of the temperature of the FD (indicated by dark red colour).

Hole quality will be affected by build up of work-piece metal on the tool,also from film caused by anodised alumi-nium or zinc from galvanising.

Timely removal of built up material with diamond file.

Cleaning with a diamond file will extend tool life.

Don't dwell at depth when using Fdrills - especially flat Fdrills -dwelling reduces cutter life.

16.Protect the Fdrill and drilling machine spindle for overheating by using the special Fdrill toolholder with cooling fan.

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