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Fdrill tools are molded and shaped from very high strength tungsten carbide. The forming part of the tool has a polygonal shape with four facets. These facets produce the friction while turning at high speeds to heat and form the material. Fdrills are designed with an almost flat conical tip that transitions into a sharper conical shape that leads into the cylindrical shape. The conical and cylindrical portions of the tool are polygon shaped. The cylindrical part of the tool determines the diameter of the hole.


Fdrills must withstand extreme operating conditions. From soft metals such as brass, copper, aluminum also hard structural steels up to high-grade steel or high-strength special alloys. Fdrills have a high tool life and repetition accuracy and are made of a special carbide. State of the art grinding technology ensures our tools are manufactured to the highest precision.

Standards and Customized - for each procedure the proper tool

Fdrills are available in all standard sizes and threads

Fdrills can be ordered in sizes between 2.0 mm and 30.0 mm in core hole diameters with graduations of 1/10.

For procedures where the standard sizes can not be applied we offer a "customized service". Tools will be produced according to the customers needs measurements and special requests. Our quality management team will assist with all testing and analysis needed.

"Form" or "Flat"

Fdrills comes in two different versions with different functions. One is the fixed surface or collar used as a stop when inserted into the collet and to form or un-form material. The other can be used as a milling tool or to plane the material that has formed upwards during the drilling process.

1.Fdrilll "form" (or "Standard")
for the production of holes with a collar resulted by the material flowing upwards.

2.Fdrill "Flat"(or "cut")

for the production of fdrilled holes without collars. The type "Flat" Fdrill has cutting edges to remove the material which flows upwards during the drilling process. Thus a flat surface results around the hole.


"short"or "long" - quick and easy drill selection

The selection of the tool is completely simple. You must only decide actually whether a tool with cutting edges required,this would be "Flat" type. When a collar is required then "form" would be used. Depending upon material thickness you select then the version "short" or "long". with the parameters

All data can be found in the drill selection table for each thread type and size, including machine parameters.


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